Thursday, March 31, 2011

ordinary beauty

Since I have recently gotten in the habit of taking pictures, I notice small visual moments a little more consciously, even without the camera in hand.  There are so many moments of ordinary beauty that fill my soul, and yet many may have gone unnoticed if I hadn't started looking for the way the sun or light (or shadow) affects a photo.  A moment captured in stillness.

I have a little point-and-shoot.  I post all of my photos straight off of the camera (with the occasional crop if the background is very messy and distracts from the subject).  I only recently started playing with the different modes on my camera, and while I would eventually love to have a DSLR, I like the minimal amount of energy needed to pick up my little camera and click the button.  It can be that simple.

(These photos are all from the last three days)
peeling an apple in the sunshine

touchable bubbles

So, while I really enjoy capturing little photo moments of our days, I especially love the awareness of visual perspective that taking pictures has brought into my life.  Anything that reminds us to appreciate the ordinary beauty present  in our lives, is a very good thing :)

Olbrich Gardens on a chilly, sunny day

 Veterans Park with friends

bedtime giggles

 hand-sewing a red tribble (They continue to multiply in our house.  You can still enter Camille's tribble giveaway here :)

May you notice the moments of ordinary beauty in your life!


  1. I'm also looking for a DSLR, or at least looking to save for one. Point and shoots are okay, but they're not so dependable for indoor shots. I really like the apple peeling ones, though. You're right, when you get into photographing things you're always finding picture opportunities and then thinking, "Why didn't I bring my camera!?" :P

  2. Yup, today as I was pulling up in front of my house, my husband leaped onto the hood of the car with a mischievous grin on his face and my first thought "that would have been a great camera shot mid-leap", not "what on earth is he doing?"
    he he

  3. I love this, Nikole. You've just spoken my life mantra!

    I take photos all the time too, sometimes of the smallest, "simplest" things. And sometimes, I just stand in the moment and mentally Click. There, another beautiful moment, paid attention to.

    This post made my heart smile! Thank you :)

  4. Great photos. I love the photos that I get that aren't of much of anything, just great shots of my girls in the everyday. Love capturing moments of our life.
    Thanks for sharing. Can't believe you took some of those with just a point and shoot. That is great.

  5. Beautiful! I can feel the warmth :)


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