Saturday, March 26, 2011

painting by candlelight

We were planning to participate in Earth hour as a family tonight, but Camille has recently been scared of candle flame, so Papa took her and Ayla out of the house and I got to spend a truly beautiful, candlelit hour with Sylvia.

 After we shut down all of the electricity in the house (except for the fridge), Sylvia declared that she wanted to paint, so we got out the watercolors,

and she painted what else? but lots of candle flame.  We also sang, danced, giggled, and snuggled up to read books by the flickering light.  Even tooth-brushing and hand-washing took on a different dimension by candlelight.  Sylvia noticed that as the water dripped off of our fingers, it left fleeting shadows on the walls, so we spent a long time dripping water off of our fingers and trying to spy its shadows.
 At the end of the hour, I was reminded that what is good for the earth is good for its people, and it was a very goodly hour spent with my four-year old sprite!  We hope to carry Earth hour forward by reducing our energy consumption in general (did I mention that the house we're moving to has solar panels and a wood-burning stove?) and also to have more mother-daughter candlelit moments like these :)


  1. We always feel refreshed after candlelight that painting!

  2. So wonderful! They always come up with the best ideas! I have never painted by candle light, but your little ones outcomes are great!


  3. I love her watercolor!
    My son is only 4 but he loves to play the electricity is out in the evenings.

  4. This is beautiful, Nikole. What a wonderful idea! And what a sweet, mindful, together moment. Thank you for sharing it!

  5. This is a wonderful, meaningful idea.


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