Thursday, March 3, 2011

ice caves

We had a bit of an adventure today.  We met some friends and fellow homeschoolers for a hike at the Kickapoo Valley Reserve, and the highlight was being able to explore several lovely ice caves.  The first little one we came upon was very melodic with the sound of dripping water making different tones as it landed. 

The next one was impressive with a huge curtain of ice.

 There was quite a lot of slipping and sliding on the steep hillsides, but I do believe a good lot of it was intentional :)
 Each cave seemed to have its own personality.
 After our hike we enjoyed the snacks we brought in this lovely canvas-covered spot complete with a wood-burning stove.

 The long drive home was just long enough to feel like a mini road trip, but not so long that anyone asked, "are we there yet?"  In fact, we must have made up about a hundred new verses to the tune of "Someone's in the Kitchen With Dinah".  Some of the verses were sweet about how much we love each other and some were about fleas flying to Italy, and some were so silly that I had to stop singing, laughing, and snorting long enough to wipe my eyes and take some deep breaths to drive safely on the highway :)

It was a satisfying day full of sparkle, both tiring and invigorating somehow...


  1. My favorite area of the state. Love it there. Sounds like a fun day!

  2. This day sounds ALL GOOD—all the way through, from the tips of its toes on up. Yep! I love days like this—I love hiking, discovering, seeing beauty…and those ice caves are stunning. As for the laughing, sharing, loving, weeping (with joy)—well, I think those are the Best Kinds of Moments of All Time!

    What a fine day of sparkle it was. Thanks so much for sharing it (and linking to it on my linky thing)!


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