Thursday, November 10, 2011

first snow storm (and power outage) of the season

Aaaah, the first snow!  Besides bringing beauty and playful fascination, brought a nearly 24-hour power outage. We were well stocked with wood for the stove, so we set about enjoying it. 

  Besides lots of snow play, we put together puzzles, readied candles and food supplies, read Little House in the Big Woods, and cooked a not-so-frozen pizza in a cast iron pan in the woodstove.

 The perishables that we weren't going to eat went into the car trunk to stay cold, and more wood was brought in.

 The girls had to try out these cross-country skis that were passed down to us.  Fun!

 We heated melted snow on the woodstove for the dishes and the chickens.  We made up stories and giggled and snuggled in front of the fire.

  Those little blurs on the left are Camille and Sylvia playing in the snow past dark.
When the electricity came back on this morning I was vaguely disappointed for a minute.  But, well, melting snow to flush the toilet because the well pump doesn't work is not that fun.  Everything else about it was, though.  No reason we can't have electricity-free days and nights just because we want to, right?

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  1. The kids are jealous! They miss the's so good to see you guys enjoy it!! Don't forget about the gravity fed cistern water :)...needs no electricity, email me if you need more help figuring it out. Love, Laura


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