Tuesday, November 15, 2011

photos of the day

 We now have two rope swings in our livingroom.  Perfect for high energy on cold days.  Also perfect for a fairy princess to put on a flying acrobatic performance.
 And the swings can be unhooked easily and taken down when the fairy princess is more in the mood for a dance performance.

 Nothing makes me much happier than seeing my kids playing in the dirt.  It's satisfying down to my toes :)
  And, "Can we throw water balloons at the trees?"  yes!
 I've said it before, but hanging laundry is my all time favorite chore...
 especially with this little helper.

 More milkweed play.  Sylvia and Ayla can't get enough of "helping the milkweed fairies be birthed."

 Mmm, brussels!  We  harvested brussel sprouts, rainbow chard, and cabbage.

 And planted a second round of garlic.
 And in the evening, more swinging.  This time with a pirate maiden.
Chard, onion, and potato frittata for dinner.

Life is good.

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  1. Love the idea of having a swing in the house, good for cold, wet or extreemly hot days!


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