Sunday, November 13, 2011

learning new skills

I don't generally impose arbitrary chores on the kids, but I do ask them to help out around the house.  Usually they are happy to do so.  In an effort to clean this morning, I insisted that each girl pick up some aspect of the livingroom.  Well, there was resistance, and it led to some sort of meltdown freak out, without much getting done anyway.  However, less than an hour later, after watching Papa change the oil on my car, Camille single-handedly changed the oil on Papa's car, cheerfully.  It was her idea.

Papa finished putting up wiring, insulation, and drywall in Camille's bedroom.  So, I took over and did the taping and mudding.  It's a job that suits me.  It's messy, sculptural, and a bit picky.  Camille took photos.

Sylvia is usually happy to help bring Ayla to the potty, or play pattycake with her to keep her entertained while I'm busy.  She loves to set the table.  She's been known to 'do the dishes', which generally involves lots of suds and splashing.

Each family member is learning new skills and filling in where they are best suited.  That is so much more important to me than obedience or arbitrary chores.  

That's all.  I'll update photos of Camille's bedroom-in-progress as more gets finished.


  1. So funny about the oil change, we asked Evie to take that on awhile ago--car hasn't needed it yet. You can't pass driver's ed in MN (as of 1990ish) without knowing how to change a tire. Seems sensible. LOVE the mudding pictures. I hate mudding. You are amazing.

  2. Wonderful moments - such a buzz when you learn a new skill. xx


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