Tuesday, November 22, 2011

just us

It's been a whole week since I've posted.  No reason really.  It's just us, living our lives, and me, with a camera in my back pocket, and sometimes my thoughts finding a voice.  But I'm grateful for this life, and the camera, and the thoughts.  And I'm thankful for anyone who takes the time to come here for a peek into our lives, and I always appreciate your kind comments.

Our last week has brought us into the city for a day, and another day of having friends out for a visit, feeding the chickens and chasing them and catching them  :)  While the mamas strummed and drummed and sang.
We've been busy taping, mudding, sanding, and priming so that Camille can move back into her room.  She picked out a wall color that feels "clear and happy". (It's not the color in that photo.  I'll keep it a surprise until it's done.)
Camille and I have been enjoying griddlers.  It's a cross between a nonogram logic puzzle and color-by-number.
 And our indoor rope swings are getting used for hours every day!
 Sylvia has put hours into her t-shirt rug.  Weaving, cutting more strips, and finally tying it off. 

 I got a chance to take a walk with just Ayla and the puppy at sunset tonight.

Those are some moments from the last week, some big, some small, but all of them just us, living our lives.

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  1. I sometimes disappear for a week or so and wonder where the time went. I get needing to gather thoughts and find time to upload images and time to write. Raising kids and living a full life is sometimes all we have time for...and that's okay. Friends are still here and happy to see you when you return. xo


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