Thursday, November 3, 2011

weaving, knitting, sewing, soup, and mud

Yesterday, we gathered up our cast-off, holey, or otherwise unwanted t-shirts for this cool weaving project.  Using hula hoops for the looms, Camille and Sylvia began weaving rugs with giant t-shirt loops.

First thing this morning, Sylvia sought out the coziest corner of the house to work on her rug (and both of the girls are busy weaving now as I type, in the evening).

Every time that I try to knit, my lap (and needles) quickly get taken over by Ayla...
 but I have managed to start on some Christmas knitting.

 Here I am trying to cut fabric for a birthday-present skirt (mm-hm, taken over by Ayla) ...

and sewing on my machine for the first time in ages (yup, Ayla's on the lap).

 *photo by Sylvia
After harvesting kale and digging up some purple potatoes that I had forgotten about, I set to making a big pot of soup.

 Through the open door, I hear "Mom, Ayla's stealing my mud!"

Apparently, they were building a hut out of mud and sticks, then bathtime!

Some days I wonder why I can't get anything done.  Other days I'm thrilled that we're all eating, laughing, and being creative, and I choose to ignore the mud on the living room floor.

Autumn Soup recipe:
1 lb. dried black-eyed peas
1 buttercup squash (peeled, cubed)
large bunch of red russian and purple curly kale (de-stemmed, chopped)
purple potatoes (cubed)
2 gypsy peppers
large onion
clove of garlic 
olive oil 
a couple tablesoons of cumin
1 can or jar of organic tomato sauce
sea salt to taste

This is one of those 'use up what you got' pots of soup, but it turned out really yummy, so I'm posting it here.  Feel free to improvise and substitute.
Cook black-eyed peas in a large soup pot with plenty of water.  When they are mostly cooked, but still firm, add squash, kale, and potatoes.  Add water to just cover veggies.  In a pan, with a generous amount of olive oil, saute chopped onion, garlic, and peppers with salt and cumin.  After onions turn translucent, add sauteed veggies and tomato sauce to the large pot, and season to taste.  Enjoy!

...And I have a finished skirt for a 6th birthday for our good friend, Kalea!  It's made from 2 pairs of small corduroy pants and some thrifted batik fabric that I over-dyed with a light blue to mellow the background color a bit.  I love the way it turned out.  I hope she likes it!


  1. The soup sounds yummy. I'd love some soup now.

  2. Looks like a bunch of fun creativity! I think that hula hoop weaving looks like a lot of fun, the little skirt did turn out cute! Your soup sounds wonderful, I am a big fan of soups, and so is my family, I love having a nice pot of soup cooking away! Great post- visiting from Magic Onions Friday hop.

  3. What a great idea...a hola hoop weaving rug! I love it! I see your Ayla is very similar to my Aayla..dirt loving, mud pie girl! Love the rainbow legging :)

  4. The skirt is lovely, I'm sure it will be much loved. And I like your soup recipe. Every monday we have "what's left" soup, which is basically whats left of the veg box before the next days delivery. Always turns out tastier than following a recipe :)
    Hoop weaving seems great, have to remember this for the next big clearout, I just clothbanked all our unwanted clothes.....

  5. Cute skirt! Also need to try that soup :)

  6. So I thought it odd that you mentioned your hoop rugs on my post, because I had left a comment a few days go here.
    So I come here... and it's not here! Dang! sigh.
    I blame word verefication, so often I leave before all the steps, not knowing that my comment hasn't gone through, yet. Sheesh.
    So! What I said was... (something like)

    Oh, Hoops! I've been saving our t-shirts for this project! :)

    Muddy grins? Yeah. I think that's probably my Very favorite about this post. :)

  7. Wonderful post, love all of it:)

    Thanks for the link to the weaving project, beautiful!


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