Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November 1st

Nov 1st was declared warm enough for a picnic...
 Sylvia made us p.b. and j.

a day for cutting and taping and sticker-ing (for hours)...

the aftermath
a day for playing in the "sandbox" nekkid, it was that warm...

 I did eventually coax Ayla into putting some clothes on 

a day for turning two coat hangers and a pair of sparkly black tights into bat-wings!
 so simple, we later added blue ribbons to tie onto each shoulder
There was also the watching of Pinky Dinky Doo and Mythbusters, and the reading aloud of a large stack of library books, including Arthur books and Jane on a Crane.  There was tree climbing, chicken chasing, laundry hanging, and a glorious solar-heated shower (we had a couple cloudy days in a row, so not so much hot water until today).  

Some days have a grand adventure, or an obvious focal point.  Some days just drift along in their own lazy way.  Some days fall apart altogether or challenge us in uncomfortable ways.  Today, I am thankful for an ordinary day.  But not just an ordinary day.  An ordinary day with flow, just the way I like it, right on into the evening.

ending with a twilit ballet performance up on the hill. *contented sigh*

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