Tuesday, March 27, 2012

days flying by

Our days have been flying past.  We close on this house in less than a week.  For the first time we will be home-owners, building upon the foundations of a truly lovely property, built by a truly lovely family whose dreams have moved them to a tropical rainforest climate.  We are honored to be continuing what they have started here, and we wish them all the best in their new endeavor.
One of our latest projects here is repurposing aluminum ducts into siding for the chicken coop, which is currently covered in tar paper.  There's also mudding bathroom walls, grouting tile around the newly-installed shower, readying the grounds for spring, etc.

Camille and I walked down to the valley today, just the two of us, and giggled as we slid down a steep hill on our butts, and came home with leaves and flowers twined in our hair.  It was lovely.
She has been quite flower-child-inspired lately.

Sylvia has been rehearsing a play with the homeschool co-op lately and will be playing an icy sprite as well as a spring fairy.

 Her and Ayla both enjoy playing and exploring the creek when we are there for play rehearsal.

 We seem to be endlessly starting seeds this spring, and it never gets old seeing the little miraculous shoots spring up ready to become a food-supplying plant.

We had a quick, but lovely visit from my parents (aka Gigi and 'Buelo) this weekend.
Here's Camille showing Gigi her 'grumpy goat' paper automata.

 Sylvia has been so interested in letters and letter sounds, but not so much in actual reading and writing...unless of course the writing is in glue and will be covered in glitter.  (Happy birthday, Gigi.  You're cards will be a little late, but here's a preview :)

So, our days pass exciting and mundane, unfolding, creating, sprouting, and we are happy to be HERE.  Thanks for visiting.

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  1. eaden got one of those bags from a friend for her birthday. She LOVED it! However, she was a bit mad when she asked to erase it so she could color it again and I told her it didn't erase. Oh well. :-)


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