Wednesday, March 14, 2012

sun is shining, weather is sweet

Today we were finally healthy enough to rejoin the populated world. 
 Well, not very populated, but we met with another unschooling family at Devils Lake State Park.

 Though there was still tinkling ice on the shore and larger patches of solid ice floating further out, the sun brought us up into the high 70s (Fahrenheit).  The weather and the company was greatly enjoyed!
 When it was time to head home, we couldn't resist going a little out of our way to cross the Wisconsin River, because the Merrimac Ferry is now open for the season.
*photo by Sylvia

Since it was so novel to drive onto a boat to cross the river, and it wasn't quite on our way home anyway, we turned right around, and rode the ferry back.

As a bonus, our friends and fellow unschoolers that we met sent us home with these huge thick ropes, pulleys, carabiners, and such that were retired from their tree care and removal business. Sylvia has grand plans of an obstacle course and an "elevator".  We shall see, but I know they won't go to waste.  Sylvia is very fond of ropes and knots.
Sylvia and her papa already tested them out hauling some deadfall wood up the hill, while Ayla and I hopped back in the car to pick up Camille from a rollerskating party.
There was also the building of a fort hideaway just before sunset.

I love a day spent from morning until dark out in the fresh air and sunshine.  Hello good night of sleep ahead.

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