Thursday, March 8, 2012

layin' low

All three girls are at varying levels of a cough/cold right now and they have all been sleeping in my bed and takin' it easy.

*Ayla's first words of the day, sung out in a bright voice, "Ay-la...hap-py"

*Camille's, "Does 367 + 45 equal 412?  I was dreaming about math."

*Sylvia's, "How many days til my maple syruping class?"  (I have signed her up for a homeschool class at Aldo Leopold Nature Center and she's looking forward to it.)

My responses:  "Ma-ma...hap-py", "let me think about it, yup", and "5 days" in that order.  Well, the day unfurled from there... with reading and snuggling,
 wii-playing and snuggling
 movie-watching and snuggling.
Yesterday during the late afternoon boredom hour, we attempted the elephant toothpaste experiment.  (I've been meaning to try this for awhile, but I was re-inspired by this blog post.)
 It sort of fizzled.  I didn't have the right strength of hydrogen peroxide.  It turns out that that is important.  We called it the chicken toothpaste experiment.  Luckily the ladies knew better than to try and ingest it.
 We will try again after a trip to a beauty supply store for stronger peroxide.  I wonder where that would be ... not my usual place to shop.

 Today, the girls only mustered up enough get-up-and-go to gather eggs in the afternoon.  (I cleaned my living room, including steam-mopping my dirty, dirty floor.  That felt good.)

Anyway, we're layin' low around here but still enjoying life.  I do hope Camille's cough clears up soon. She sounds a bit like a barking seal, but it's still nice to have her home during the days.


  1. It's hard not to wince and worry when coughs are awful! I don' like that.

    Getting outside helps loads, sometimes! (And I'm always glad for the fresh air that rushes in during illness!) :)

    Hope you're all feeling quite the thing, today!

  2. Thanks, Stephanie, Camille's cough is a bit better, but now the two littler ones have a fever. It's getting worse before it gets better, but we seem to be (very slowly) on the upswing.

    It is warm enough to let some fresh air in today though, so hurray for open windows.

  3. Looked like a pretty nice day, even if they weren't feeling well. Love homeschooling :-)

  4. Hugs to your family...hope the little ones feel better soon


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