Monday, March 19, 2012

learning can come from many directions

We started our weekend with a drive into the city.  The weather was so hot that without air-conditioning we had to drive down the freeway with the windows open.  So, we stuck our hands out the window and talked about air flow and resistance, and what causes lift on a kite, an airplane, a bird...
 We were headed to the doctor's office to rule out whooping cough.  The girls were not happy with having to wear masks.  It seems that their lingering cough is not from pertussis, (yay) but that Camille has developed pneumonia in her left lung (ack).  The other girls' lungs are clear.

 This diagnosis led us to researching more about the respiratory system.

 We've been playing lots of hangman, and getting plenty of sleep.

 And still enjoying plenty of fresh air.  Here's Sylvia planting peas.
 We've been watching movies on Netflix.  Peter Pan because we just finished the original book, followed by Hook.  Hair, the girls like the songs and the outfits and we've been listening to the Original Broadway Cast album, which has a lot of songs that are not in the movie.  Also, prompted discussion about the social culture of the times, including Vietnam, draft-dodging, hippies, etc.  National Geographic's The Incredible Human Body, and more...
 Even though I love seeing spring buds on our apple trees, it is quite concerning that they are budding so early, especially for people who make their living from their orchards.  If we get a hard frost from here out, people are likely to lose up to 90% of their apple crops.  According to this article, we have not had an April without frost in Wisconsin since they began recording temperatures throughout the state.
 Otherwise life is as usual around the property.
 Sylvia and Ayla have been eating a ton of clementines, so we are making our own cleaner by soaking the peels in vinegar.  I haven't made many of my own cleaners, but I'm hoping to try a few from Stephanie's recent post about cleaning potions.

Other random images from our day:
 Camille and Sylvia putting on make-up while they watch a show.

 raspberry leaves

planting a blackberry cane

Our living and learning is all intertwined, and in those moments when new ideas are being discovered and discussed, I know that connections are forming in ways that won't become immediately clear.  Certainly these  moments are not full of something that can be "taught" for a test, but I think the learning goes deeper than that.  So there, I can find one good thing about pneumonia, for most of this week Camille is home from school, living and learning along with the rest of us.


  1. We are wishing Camille a speedy recovery! My Aayla loves Clementines too she will eat about a dozen at a time! Might have to search out that cleaner recipe :)

  2. Brooke,
    I can't remember where I found the cleaner recipe, but it is this simple: cover citrus peels in vinegar. soak for about 3-4 weeks. put liquid in spray bottle and use on counters, etc. It already smells really goood.

    And thanks for the well-wishes for Camille. Her energy level is good and she isn't acting sick, so we're just trying to get her lungs clear.

  3. Give Camille hugs from us...glad to hear she feels okay. Have you heard of anything you can do for the trees if a frost does come? We never had that happen! All I can think of is throwing some blankets on them if you know it's going to happen. It's good to be on the hill in frost situations because I don't think it hits as hard as it does in the valley.

  4. Thanks, Laura. After doing a little more research, it looks like the main concern is if temps dip below 27 F. If that's in the forecast at some point, we will probably try covering the trees with old bedsheets. I don't know what orchard owners would do at that point, heart goes out to them, it must be nerve-wracking if your livelihood depends upon it.


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