Monday, March 12, 2012

comin' back around

The girls have all been sick.  Ugg.  Sick. Fevers. Coughing.  Earache.  Mucous.  You get the idea.

Camille has been home from school for a whole week.  That's the up side.  While there has been much laying around and snuggling and taking it easy, we have ventured out once or twice, not to be around peoples, but just to get out in the fresh air.

On the day before the two littler ones got sick, we had to drive into the city to sign paperwork (we're in the process of purchasing our house through a land contract), and we took a quick stroll through Madison's free zoo.
 lil' monkeys

 giant turtle skeleton

polar bear

There were a couple of lay-around-in-jammies-doin'-nothin' days.  We did play beauty parlor because Sylvia and Camille have been really interested in curly hair lately.  Even Ayla wanted in on it, though her curlers didn't stay in very long.

As the girls were slowly coming back around, there was the question, "Can we go somewhere?  Anywhere, to get out of the house?"  We looked for a place to hike named Blueberry Trail, but the DNR website had spotty directions, so we ended up at Beaver Creek and while we din't actually do much trail-walking, we were out in the sunshine, throwing stones into the creek,...
 admiring the water,...
 splashing in it,...

 and enjoying each other.

 mixed microgreens

pea shoots are Camille's favorite

So, the girls are starting to feel well-ish, and we have been trying to get some good nutrients into their bodies.  Those are the highlights of a week of sickness.  I won't give you the lowlights, except to say that I haven't been thrown up on in days, and I got more than two consecutive hours of sleep last night, and I am counting myself lucky. 

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