Thursday, March 22, 2012

not much to say...

                  foraging nettles 

 wild mint and nettle sun tea

 nettle soup

 Amazing Paper Pets

 barking dog and grumpy goat 

 pear blossoms

 rainbow eggs

 more pear blossoms


  1. I love all these photos, so full of life. That nettle soup looks DELICIOUS! X x x

  2. Thanks Georgina. It's so simple to make. The recipe is from the barefoot crofter (in the comments section)

  3. Hey, reminds me, you said you were interested in some Orach seeds last year. I have a bag from last year I can send you. You can send me your address on facebook if you like. Once you plant it you'll never have to again as it drops it's seeds in fall:)

  4. Julie, I forgot about that! That would be lovely. I'll message you on facebook this weekend and see if I have any seeds you would be interested in and I can return the favor...


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