Friday, April 20, 2012

Ayla turns 2!

We celebrated Ayla's second birthday this week.  Sylvia and I baked her a berry buttermilk cake with freshly whipped cream.  It was yummy, and it used up the buttermilk we had left over from making our own butter.

Ayla was happy with her gift basket from the family, a simple mix of homemade and store-boughten gifts,
and the leg warmers fit her just right!

We went to a restaurant with a Country-western / train theme.  Ayla was properly impressed and thrilled :)

While we waited for our food, the girls tried out the kitschy rides and Camille even had her fortune told by 'Gina the Gypsy' machine.

The food was delivered by train, and we got a free ride pass for everyone in the family from the waiter.  Can't turn that down!

Thanks to family who sent birthday cards with 'a little somethin', Ayla is kitted out in new rainboots, a sturdy, but girly shovel, gardening gloves and a matching hat.  She helped pick these out and loves them!

The dolly that I knit for her was a couple days late for a birthday present, but I don't think she minded a bit.  She named her Doot Doo.
I think she likes her.
This two-year-old girl is so caring and loving, quick with a kiss or a cheek rub if someone is feeling low.  She is also determined and headstrong and even with fewer words than her big sisters, she can make her point quite clearly.  I am grateful for Ayla, her sparkle, her personality.  I love the way she is sooooo excited to nurse to sleep that she wants to share with her dolly.  The way she says ye-es to every question.  The way she offers me a turn at everything she does, whether it's using the toilet or eating ice cream.

I love you, Miss Ayla Cakes!


  1. happy birthday! 2 has been a crazy one for us so far :-)

  2. What a fun birthday! Love the doll, what a sweet picture:) 2 is such a special age, not that they all aren't, but I especially loved 2 with both my boys.

  3. Thanks, Bethany!

    FF and Julie, I love the 2's. They're wild opinionated little creatures, but still easy to pick up and love up. I think I had a harder time with the 4's with my older girls...

  4. Happy birthday to Ayla and happy day of birth to you! What wonderful celebrations you had. Lucky girls!

  5. Glad to see sweet little Ayla Fern had such an exciting and special birthday! Much love to you all! mamacita


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