Thursday, April 26, 2012

return to homeschooling

When I started this blog, I considered it to be an unschooling blog, but it really was always a what-our-family-is-up-to kind of blog, with my random thoughts and ramblings thrown in from time to time.  When Camille started school this year, I felt odd about letting go of that title of unschooling for some reason, but I continued to focus on the relationships in the family and the happiness and learning that can arise from a life lived with open eyes.
 waiting for the Merrimac Ferry 
I haven't written much about Camille's schooling recently, but she was becoming increasingly unhappy in school.  We had already decided that she would return to homeschooling for next year, but it became harder and harder to see her so unhappy with herself and her daily situation, even though she wanted to finish out the school year.  Well, over the weekend she decided that seeking out a more fulfilling and inspirational way of life is very worth quitting school for, and Monday was her last day!  Her last day was sweet.  She got lots of hugs and we'll-miss-you's, but she couldn't be more satisfied with her decision.  She's been very up and down emotionally, but I think we have a bit of deschooling going on.

This girl wants structure and a curriculum.  She wants planned out activities.  (We won't be calling ourselves unschoolers just yet :)  What she doesn't want is bullies, 3rd-grade-girl social politics, and endless repetition of already-learned information.

Sunday, we went into the city, just the two of us.  It was perfect!  Monday, after her last day of school, we all went thrift-storing, and out to eat, followed by Camille playing at the park with Sylvia, while Ayla napped in the car, and I was able to sit and daydream and kick my feet up and out the car window.  Tuesday, we all went into the city, and played at an indoor play area as well as picking up some supplies and meeting with friends at the Aldo Leopold Nature Center.  Yesterday, the library, Whitakers Farm Fresh Market, and an Animal Encyclopedia sticker book.  Right now, it's Jimmy Neutron and The Fairly Odd Parents.  Later today, driving out to another homeschooler's farm for a wildflower hike and craft (after cleaning the chicken coop and showering ;).  It promises not to be dull around here!!!
 journal writing at a cafe




 fort-building at Aldo Leopold Nature Center

 Mama by the Wisconsin River



  1. Lovely thoughts and words, as always. Welcome home Camille!

  2. Very grown up decision making Camille! So lucky you have a wonderful mama to help you on your journey :-)

  3. yay!!!!!!! i'm so happy for y'all. it's just great that she is able to make her own decision :-)

  4. Oh, BEAUTIFUL, beautiful, beautiful, BEAUTIFUL!! I am so glad your girl is able to live all the paths she chooses. I'm SO happy she has a mama like you. I officially wish I lived on the farm next door to you. (Or you lived on the farm next door to me!). Big smiles over here, Nikole! BIG.

  5. I can't tell you how happy I am to read this. It goes to show that once we begin as homeschoolers(especially unschooling), it never leaves us, even if our kids make choices to do so. It's so hard isn't it? To go with the flow sometimes, to see our kids struggle and experience life as it unfolds. But the beauty is that THEY are the ones living their choices and they know that they can make change when the time is right. How wonderful that she knows you support her in all her decisions and experiences. This is the beauty of freedom in learning and in living. All my best to Camille as she transitions and deschools, and to you mama :).

  6. How wonderful that she was able to make that choice, first to go to school, and then to stop when it wasn't working for her:)


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