Friday, April 27, 2012


 It took about eight hours from when we first noticed the crack in the egg until this little chick had bravely made her way out into the world.  Then another couple of hours to dry her feathers in the incubator before being introduced to her two other brooder-mates, with many more to follow.  This particular egg was laid on the 7th of April (hence the 7 on its shell) and hatched on the 27th.

We had many more fertilized eggs than we had expected from just one rooster, so we may have some chicks to give away when all is said and done, or we'll just keep on increasing our brood, and find some customers for our organic, free-range eggs from happy, well-loved chickens :)

Someday they'll be so big....


  1. Now L, K, and I want chickens! Me, too, but not in this house.

  2. Oh wow, how lovely to see those chooks grow :-)

  3. What a beautiful experience. Had no idea it took that long (8 hours) for a chick to completely come out of it's egg!


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