Sunday, April 1, 2012


plum blossoms
The cool, rainy weather that we have been having cleared up just in time for our friends to visit.  Living rurally, 85 miles away from our city-friends means that we don't get a lot of visitors, but we cherish them when we do.

 The girls spent their time in pairs or all together, collecting eggs from the coop, exploring the woodlands, making mud pies and damming sandy 'lakes', climbing the ropes in our trees, and giggling together.

 The mamas chatted and played music with Ayla and the chickens nearby.

 While Sylvia and Kalea set off balloon rockets, Camille and Dakota worked out some parts and harmonies for a song that they like, and then asked to be videoed. 

 Friends, music, and mud....oh, yeah.

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