Wednesday, April 11, 2012


We started out the week visiting friends...

 My girls get particularly excited to see these friends and their mom is lovely to visit with.  Win-win.

 The next day, Sylvia had her very first homeschool class at Aldo Leopold Nature Center.  She really enjoyed it, but she wanted me nearby for most of the time.  Most parents drop their kids off and come back two hours later.
 Ayla loved the nature touch table.
 While the teacher was showing the children nests, and they were collecting nature bits to make their own nests out of, Ayla and I strolled the trails looking at wildflowers. 
 Virginia blue bells and Trout lily

 Sylvia's class dyed eggs using materials from nature and the grocery store to put in their own nests.

 It was sweet to be able to just focus on Ayla for those two hours.  Life with three children can be such mayhem at times that I cherish the times when I can have one-on-one mama-daughter time with my each of my girls.  I'll take it where I can get it.

Ayla is just days away from turning two, and there has been some present prep going on around here, you know, in our spare time.
 Wooden toys, assembled and painted by her sisters,
 Soft, fuzzy, Merino leg warmers in the making by Mama.
 ...and the beat goes on.  Back to it for me.

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