Sunday, April 29, 2012

ordinary goings on

We went for a wildflower hike with our homeschool co-op this week.  It was a lovely sunny day.  The children ran ahead and stealthily planned to ambush the parents as we came upon them hiding beside the trail :)

 trillium and rue anemone
 wild ginger

There was also a related craft where the children made bookmarks using pressed flowers and leaves and contact paper.

 There has also been lots of chickie love as our eggs have been busy a-hatchin' in the incubator.
 Even two-year-old Ayla lovingly and gently plays with them when they are ready to move into the brooder.
 We also had some indoor-marshmallow-roasting since it was chilly enough to warrant a fire in the woodstove one afternoon.

And more chickie love.....

 There was some book-style learnin',
 about China and animal facts.  As well as US History on the computer via this cool, free website.

We've been making home made sorbet every day.  It's just a variety of frozen fruits run through our juicer.  (We have a Champion juicer.  I don't know if this works in all styles of juicers.)  Even completely unsweetened, it is delicious.

 I cleared off the crazy clutter that mounds up on my sewing desk with one project in mind, but I finished another, already-cut dress for Sylvia instead.

 And Camille added ties to the one that we made for her earlier this year.  She didn't like how shapeless it was.  I think this is a nice improvement.

 um, chickie love, again


 Our puppy walk went off-road as it often does...

mmmmm, garlic mustard

 ahhhh *sigh* more chickie love

That's quite enough pictures for one post I think.  All is well here.


  1. Love the Chikie love...I made a pillow case dress too. Its just so neat!

    With All That I Am
    Carrie "The Handmade Homemaker"

  2. Looks like some great going on's. I love the nature bookmark.


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