Sunday, April 15, 2012

weekend projects

The apple trees were bravely blooming after the hard frost we saw this week.  I think we may have lost many of the potential apples, but the new blossoms still look pretty promising.

*photo by Papa
 Sylvia and I painted the aluminum that we are going to use for siding the chicken coop.  Papa has been cutting these siding tiles out of scrap aluminum in his spare time and we are going to paint them three different colors to make a pattern on the coop.  This is just the first batch.  It's a bit time consuming, but we're reusing materials and I'm excited to see what it's going to look like.  Right now the coop looks like a tar paper shack.

 Sylvia and Ayla helped me spread compost to enrich the soil where we are extending our garden space.

Since we can't have all work and no play, we went out for dinner while Camille enjoyed her second sleepover in two nights.  The waitresses kept commenting on how well-behaved and patient the girls were and brought us free dessert to-go.  Ha, ha, I guess they got us on a good night.

 The next day, treasures were divvied in the sand, while Papa tilled a much-enlarged garden for us.  The chickens were happily following close behind.

 Sylvia was "Queen of the Cherry Tree" while Camille built a bird house / feeder.

*photo by Sylvia
 Ayla and I built up compost walls with materials on the property, so that we don't keep losing our compost down the hill.
 My masonry skills may be laughable, but it's chicken-approved.

 Carly enjoyed watching us all work.

 Camille and Sylvia made butter by shaking organic cream in jars while watching Phinneas and Ferb on netflix.  It was so cool to see the butter and buttermilk separated in the jars after all of their hard work.  All that was left was to squeeze out the rest of the buttermilk, and rinse and lightly salt it.  Best butter ever!
And a very satisfying weekend!  Hope yours was as well.

I'm joining Stephanie again this week for Saturday's Artist over at Ordinary Life Magic.


  1. What a busy weekend,love the painted discs for the upcoming chook pen...........mine just have plain old chicken wire.

  2. I'm excited to see the coop! Compost, bird houses, reigns... and blossoms. I'm not tired of blue skies and blossoms, yet!

  3. nice! i loved have chickens, they so love when stuff gets stirred up. i hope you post pix of the finished coop!

  4. What terrific fun and learning!

  5. your post makes me want more land...badly.


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