Friday, June 1, 2012

just a little bit crazy

While at the dress-up section of the children's museum yesterday, Camille and her longtime boyfriend decided to get married :)
 Sylvia and said boyfriend's brother got in on the action, too.
 A few homeschooled kids worked together to build this cool molecular-type structure just before the museum closed for the day.

 After a busy day yesterday, this morning was a blend of snuggles, Neopets, and building with these new-to-us wooden train tracks

 I've been feeling exhausted lately, so after hanging out the laundry in the afternoon, this shady spot under the sheets was just begging for a blanket and some relaxed knitting (my first cables ever).

It wasn't long before I was infiltrated!

 These girls finished the last of the day's backyard suntea and we read some of What Your Fourth Grader Needs to Know.  We chatted about some of the myths, stories, sayings and phrases that were in the book.

 Camille made Sylvia and I clover bracelets.

We had dinner out and Camille is now giving Sylvia "music lessons" and advising her on how to write lyrics to a song.  Ayla is off and on my lap and I'm still pretty wiped out.

It's a good kind of life that can you leave you feeling happy, exhausted, inspired, satiated, peaceful and just a little bit crazy all at the same time.


  1. Such beautiful photos of a beautiful life!

  2. kids are getting hitched earlier and earlier these days

  3. I love the cables and the glasses. Both are so beautiful!


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