Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Camille went from having virtually no schedule to a summer class five days a week in the mornings (iMovie and garageband at the junior high) and play rehearsal 3 days a week in the evenings (Music Man Jr. at the community theatre).  So we're go go go, but there's still time to admire ...

baby robins (again!)

peas (and lettuces and strawberries) from the garden,

Our just-old-enough chicks have been successfully transitioned to the outdoors.  We call them the teenagers.  They move around in a pack.


our new batch of assorted day-old baby chicks, picked up from the post office early in the mornin' on my birthday,

the first of the elderflowers, to be added to our day's batch of backyard suntea.

and this historic day, a special election to attempt to recall Wisconsin's governor, Scott Walker, and the transit of Venus across the sun.  We peeked at it through welder's glass, but still enjoyed seeing it on NASA's live feed site from Hawaii.
our town hall and polling place, a trailer in the countryside


  1. We're up to 18 layer hens, 11 'teenagers', and 26 new babies! Some will be layers, some meat birds, and some are just funny exotic kinds with feathers on their feet and big plumy feathers on their heads.

  2. Oh, the peas and the chicks. How lovely!

  3. What a beautiful bunch of photos.
    I love the one with the little toad. So cute.
    And how cool that Camille is learning imovie and garageband,
    they're both awesome creative instruments.


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