Thursday, June 7, 2012

cranes and down time in a busy day

Sylvia, Ayla, and I met with another homeschooling family yesterday to explore the International Crane Foundation.  I got there a little early and took this rare quiet opportunity to knit in a peaceful setting.

 The girls spent a good portion of the time gathering bits of colorful glass from the path made from recycled bottles, and after a picnic lunch, exploring the wooded path just out of sight of the knitting mamas.  The older sisters taking such good care of the younger ones and enjoying each other's company.
 We did all admire the cranes and learned that the females usually have silver bands on their left legs, and the males on their right.  We also watched a video of people dressed in crane suits, feeding and caring for the young so that they don't imprint on humans.
 It was starkly different from the summer school groups touring in mass and answering the presenter's questions along the lines of, "Who here thinks water is important?", "Who likes to take a shower or do the dishes?" by raising their hands.

I'm a big fan of open-ended learning opportunities myself.

This evening while Camille was at play rehearsal, Sylvia napped in the parking lot while Ayla and I explored this park and its goose poulation.

I took this picture for Camille.  I knew she'd find the humor in it.

 Sylvia woke up just in time to swing and slide a bit before picking up Camille.  I love these impromptu one-on-one times with each of my girls.  It helps me really connect with them individually, and even to relate to them and understand their unique perspectives when I'm trying to help them manage the dynamic of a sistership of three.
 Camille was starting to learn the choreography for her play and is making good, kind friends in the meantime.

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