Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Life is sweet

I've been a bit quiet on the blog, but only because life is loud, and full, and busy, and good.  We've been gardening, and going to the beach, setting up a double slip-and-slide, and finishing a bathroom.  

Sylvia has been helping me garden and she always loves to forage.  She's been loving nature shows about animals and putting together more difficult puzzles.
She also likes coming up with interesting concoctions like this strawberry, snap pea, and rose petal salad that she made me.

We watched the last robin fledgling leave the nest under the deck.

We've been taking care of our new baby chickens and Ayla has learned how to hold them just so.  Ayla also loves to help gather eggs from the coop, and at the age of two, I find that she is so capable.  I think she drops and cracks fewer than Sylvia does, actually.

Our 'teenager' chickens still get extra attention even though they are free-ranging with the adult hens.  We mostly make sure they can still get some of the organic feed we put down in the mornings, otherwise our laying flock will run them off.  This one named Pearl even gets hand fed bugs by Camille.  They have a special bond. 
Camille has also been busy with play rehearsals at the community theatre and iMovie-making in a summer class.  She's been enjoying the Peter and the Starcatchers trilogy on audio book, and the Spy Force series either read on her own, or by me before bed.  Yesterday she whipped up Paddington Burgers with local grass-fed beef from The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook.  Today she's working on Citrus Sandwich Cake with Mango Filling and Whipped Cream Frosting.  Oh, my!

I've been busy in the garden and grouting the tiles to finish our second bathroom, as well as getting everyone where they need to be, and reasonably dressed and fed :)  I'm also in charge of kissing ow-ies and rubbing the backs of sleepy children.  I sneak in some knitting too, if I can.
Papa laid down those tiles that I grouted, as well as sheet rocking, mudding and painting the walls, and installing the shower.  He also works full-time as a computer programmer, usually from home, usually just off of the livingroom in the midst of our chaos.  He's also willing, in his down time, to let the kids crawl all over him, and to be the one to be the emergency cake-pan-finder. He's a good man.

Sylvia, Ayla and I spent today's windy morning picking strawberries at a local orchard.
*photo by Sylvia

I'm off to bring Camille to tonight's play rehearsal and play at the park with the other two.  Then tomorrow I have strawberries to freeze and dehydrate and maybe make some into jam.... 

Life here is good, and full, and messy, and exhausting, and delightful, and loud, and sweet. 


  1. Sounds like a lot of wonderful summer fun, your berry picking looks wonderful! :)

  2. I just love your pics! Your life looks so simple and sweet and gorgeous. And warm! Missing warm :-)

  3. How was the mango citrus sandwich cake??
    Looked good.

  4. The cake was yummy, and Camille put a lot of work into it but unfortunately she didn't like the filling.


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