Saturday, June 2, 2012

random projects

Where we live there is a constant stream of big projects to be done.  Walls and fences to build.  Trees and gardens to be planted.  Flooring and doors to be installed.  Chicken coop to be sided and weather-proofed.   The list is really enormous and can only be made sane by prioritizing and Letting Go.  So sometimes I just like a really small project to work on, something that can be finished in one day, or one sitting even.
Ayla has been diaper-less since before she was two because she usually loves using the potty, even staying dry overnight, but lately she stopped wanting to use her little potty or the big toilet. Even the allure of going pee in the grass, country girl style, seems to have faded.  So, I had the perfect excuse to fix up this vintage potty seat that we had.  The magazine rack was broken from someone trying to use it as a stool and there was no container to catch the pee anymore.  So, with some small nails and glue, I fixed the rack, and our dog gave up her stainless steel water dish because it fit just so.   Ayla is back in the groove.  She loves it.

I also threw together some patchwork cloth napkins out of fabric scraps that I've had for more than a decade.  I didn't measure or plan, just stitched and snipped, and added some more rows if I needed them, and somehow they all turned out the same size.  Sylvia sat on my lap, helping to guide the fabric through the sewing machine most of the time, and I didn't worry one bit about keeping the seems straight, but I'm pleased with how they turned out.

I think I'd been feeling too much lately like I couldn't possibly keep up with all of the have-to's, so it was pretty liberating to just step back and whip something up.

In other news, the baby robins under our deck opened their eyes today and their feathers are really filling in.
 Also, the chickens that we hatched are joining the ladies out in the coop tonight for the first time, so that we can clean the brooder and get it ready for the batch of 26 one-day-old chicks that we are getting on Monday.  We are a bit chick crazy around here lately.  Can't get enough. We ordered the special assorted bargain from the Murray McMurray Hatchery, a blend of males, females, light breed, heavy breed, rare, and exotic heritage chickens, and it just so happens that they're coming on my birthday.

And also, the fireflies are out!  Oh, happy day.

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  1. I love your napkins. I have just the odds and ends to make some too. I made a batch of them last year (all white), but somehow there are never enough!


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