Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Our family is part of an Earth Scouts group with other homeschoolers.  This week our group is having a birthday party for Martin Luther King, Jr.  Each scout was asked to make a project of their choosing about someone who is a worker for human rights.  Camille and I talked about different possibilities and settled on the idea of a small poster about Cesar Chavez.  She did a simple line drawing of him and wrote a couple of sentences, both copied off of the Enchanted Learning website.

I love that we are able to focus on the experience and enjoyment of learning rather than the end product.  The poster is fine, but the discussion leading up to it was great.  We talked about migrant farm workers, strikes, boycotts, and labor unions.  Then Camille made big connections between this and the book we've been reading, The Omnivore's Dilemma; Young Readers Edition.  I love it when one great conversation with a 7 year-old can connect human rights, ecology, nutrition, and consumer choices!  During this whole discussion, Camille was jumping on a mini trampoline next to the computer, so we can tie in physical education too, right?  ;-) However, if Camille had not wanted to make this poster and only wanted to go to the event and eat cake, I would have been fine with that too.  For me, this is the beauty of unschooling, providing opportunities, opening up to many different possibilities and seeing where they lead us, because I have no doubt that learning happens.

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