Wednesday, January 26, 2011


During my mini cleaning spree lately I had a lot of time to think about stuff, especially how I managed to accumulate so much of it.  There were periods of time during my late teens/early twenties when I owned a bowl, set of chopsticks, water bottle, a couple changes of clothes, a sleeping bag, a guitar, and very little else.  This was intentional.  It's actually very hard not to accumulate stuff.  Well-intentioned people always want to give you things thinking you must be in need of more.  Only 3 1/2 years ago, when Sylvia was a baby, we lived in a very small one-bedroom house (really very small, not much larger than an average garage), so we didn't have a lot of room for stuff.  However, we now seem to have more stuff than we can organize, contain, and care for.  Very little of what we own was bought new by us.  The vast majority of it was gifted, thrifted, made, repurposed, or found by the side of the road : )  As such, much of our stuff contains memories, much of it is useful, or potentially useful in a creative endeavor, or is the product of a past creative endeavor.  I guess now is not the time for simplicity for me or my family.  So, I forgive myself the messy clutter and embrace the abundance of stuff.

Here is some of the good stuff that was rediscovered while cleaning over the last few days...
---a sculpture that I made while pregnant with Camille
 ---a wool felt ball that Camille and I made for Sylvia when she was a baby (now Ayla can play with it too)
---a drawing of Camille, Sylvia, and me with a baby in my arms.  It reads "CungraDhalachunS MaMa You ar preGnunt " (this is from the day I found out I was pregnant with Ayla) 

---and a one-a-day paper airplane calendar bought many months ago(we have been having lots of fun seeing which fly the farthest and trying to figure out why)

There is so much stuff here to read, watch, listen to, make music with, dress up in, create with, turn on, watch, grow, taste, enjoy, cook with, feel, snuggle up to, jump on, teethe on, and be inspired by....As unschoolers this suits us just right.


  1. Nikole, are you looking through our window right now? Because it sounds like you're describing our house, us, our life! :) I once lived with just two bags and two boxes, happy to shift from town to town, country to country…now it's hard to believe so much stuff is here. But it really is so much like your stuff—either being used creatively, storing memories, or just shining with Potential! And as I clear one space, the space I just cleared becomes filled again…with books, hand-written stories, drawings, sculptures…perhaps that is just How It Is, and should be!

    Lovely pics—but where's the one of you being preGnunt?! :)

  2. Cool. Thanks for bringing attention to honoring when the time is appropriate for simplicity or not, honoring what is needed, when.
    Also, the sculpture you made while pregnant is ultra beautiful!!!

  3. Thanks for the positive feedback...I'm always seeking a fine balance with this Stuff :)

    Camille didn't want me to put the actual picture on my blog, and she's the artist ;-)

  4. Awesome. I love the airplanes... the paper for them is so perfect.
    And your sculpture is gorgeous!


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