Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Playing with the camera

 I was trying to work out some of the challenges of Camille's little camera, and see what I could do with it.  Here are some images from our day.  We played with food art:  carrot shapes, celery shapes, pomegranate seeds, satsuma tangerine wedges, and seaweed rice crackers.
field of flowers under a crescent moon

baby in a buggy, and stems of flowers

angry man
This happens every time I use the flash.
Not sure what to do about that...

Our paperwhite bulbs from Thanksgiving have bloomed and today Sylvia planted blue hyacinth bulbs and assorted anemone corms in a bucket that Camille had painted this summer.

pattern block bunny
Now, all three girls are playing in the bathtub.  I hear lots of giggles, and Papa is hanging out with them.  It's been a Good Day.

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