Monday, January 24, 2011

Triumph (a clean room)

I know a lot of you in blogland keep very tidy lovely homes, but we tend more to the "creative mess" around here or even the disastrous clutter of overwhelming proportions at times.  However, Papa's work is "encouraging" their employees to use up some of their vacation hours, so he is taking two days off so that we might try to tackle some of the more ignored rooms in the house.  I try to keep up with the more common spaces in the house (ha!), but the computer/crafting/playspace room and the bedrooms are not usually high on my list.  I figure there's time for a tidy house when my kids are a bit older, right?  Well, today Camille and I cleaned her room!  This is a girl who loves to collect bits and treasures and can't stand to see a broken mug or an especially pretty cereal box get thrown out, and then wants all of her possessions lovingly scattered around the room.  Who knows when they'll be just the thing needed?  She had a strong feeling that her dresser top and her closet floor were perfect in all of their messy glory, so we left those alone, but I couldn't help wanting to document the rest of the room.  Who knows when again it might be this clutter-free?
 This is a wool wall hanging that I had thought about taking apart for the wool roving, but it has found a home above Camille's dresser.  It's adds such a bright warmness in this spot.
That's all for now...on to the next room.  We're also enjoying this extra time with Papa by going swimming, and to the Children's Museum, something fun each day, not just tidying.....


  1. Welp... my house is pretty much a disaster right now. :)

  2. Glad to know I'm not the only one...though I do now have three tidy rooms :)

  3. Fun! I love de-cluttering and organizing. Makes life run more smoothly.

    Our house goes in waves each day. I do like to end each day with a clean home -- to wake up and have things in order makes for a good day. And I have noticed my kids are more engaged, interested, busy, focused, creative and self-driven when things are neat. Actually they are not only interested and busy, but also happier. Making us all happier. Every time I do a big organize or furniture re-arrange my guys are on a creative rampage for DAYS. Always amazing to see.

    That said, don't peek in my closets much of the time. ;)

  4. Denise,
    While my house is my no means clean at the end of each day, I agree that these big cleanings do seem to open up space for a whole lot of creativity and easy flow of energy...


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