Monday, September 12, 2011

Apple Sunday

 Our closest neighbor loaned us a cider press that he had made when he was a young man, and an apple peeler/corer, and a large food dehydrator.

 Yep, I think I got this from every angle.

 So we picked (3 1/2 large tote bins full), and ground, and pressed, and cranked, and drank, and boiled, and peeled, and cored, and dehydrated.

 We gave the neighbor a gallon of cider and a bag of honeycrisp apples.  When we return everything, I'd also like to give him and his wife a jar of boiled cider and some freshly fermented sauerkraut if they'd like.
Have you heard of boiled cider / apple molasses?  I hadn't, but Wow!  It is the powerful essence of caramel-ly tart apple-y goodness.  You simply boil cider for hours until it is reduced to 1/7th of its original amount.  It becomes a potent shelf-stable apple syrup.  Other than steaming up your house, there really is very little effort involved.

Rebecca over at foodie with family shares several suggestions for what to do with boiled cider.  Here's just a few:
~ Drizzle over vanilla ice cream.
~ Stir a little into hot tea.
~ Toss a tablespoon or two to the sliced apples for a pie or apple crisp. You will be blown away by how much more appley it tastes.
~ Whisk into cream cheese icing for a pumpkin spice cake and be prepared for the compliments.
~ Pour a tablespoon over ice, fill the rest of the glass with seltzer water, and give a quick stir. Voila! Healthy apple cider soda!

So far, I can attest to the drizzled ice cream recommendation :) And of course a big spoonful could be added to a mug of heated water for hot cider anytime.

We still have 2 1/2 trees-full yet to pick...I think that can wait until next weekend.

Joining with Owlet again for Unschool Monday.


  1. sounds like an appletastic weekend;) have you ever made some apple cider vinegar??

  2. Nope, but I'm pressing more next weekend and I was thinking about giving vinegar a try. Wanna make some with me, Laura?

  3. We make boiled cider every year...I try to save a few quarts at least of it for winter. We LOVE it. Making apple cider vinegar is easy too - and so yummy!

  4. sounds tasty!! we have to get a press one of these years for all the apples around here.


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