Wednesday, September 14, 2011

just another day...

This time of year, every day tends to include a garden-to-kitchen project.  Today it was yukon gold baked potatoes and roasted veggie pasta sauce inspired by this recipe.  Yesterday it was a large amount of kale chips.

 Sylvia rediscovered some pocket-sized magnifying glasses in an unpacked box.  She was "scientific-ly observing" (her words, not mine) rocks and sand, flowers and leaves, even the laundry on the line.

  Sylvia and Ayla played a modified game of soccer with imaginary teammates, recorder playing, lots of cheering, and giddy high-fives, despite the fact that Ayla just scooped up the ball and ran away with it whenever she had the chance.

 I got a chance to start a new knitting project with hemp yarn, while cheering from the sidelines.

 Camille is two weeks in to her school-going days, and loving it, thoroughly.  This is where her and Papa wait for the school bus in the morning, and where one or more of us usually meet her getting off the school bus, depending on who's home or who's busy.  It's just at the end of the driveway, but she likes to see us there when she gets home.

 It's likely to be the first frost tonight, so we worked together as a family to pick clean the tomatoes, peppers, tomatillos, basil, cucumbers, ground cherries, and apples.

When she firsts get home from school, Camille generally like to have a snack and watch a TV show or read a book, but after half-an-hour or so, she is usually eager to help with garden harvest, stacking wood, taking the laundry off the line, or caring for the chickens.  All the while, enthusing about her day, the friends, the games, the meditation techniques her teacher showed to the class :)  The rest of the time she is happy and excited to play with her little sisters.  So, while I love the ideals and principles of unschooling, I absolutely love the happiness and sparkle of my little school-loving girl.
 These photos are from two days ago.

 Today was just another day in this good life.


  1. I think it's really important to let them decide for themselves. Children are all so unique and each child needs something different.
    So glad you found a good school and CAmille is happy :)
    These pictures are so beautiful. I love your "bus stop" :)

  2. You have a lovely life. Abundant food, abundant love and support.


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