Wednesday, September 21, 2011

a purpose?

I haven't had much to say here recently, word-wise.  I have been preferring to post pictures of our days instead. But I started thinking about the purpose of this blog, not that it has to have a purpose, mind you, but just to clarify it to myself.  It's not one of those very useful blogs full of recipes, tutorials, and patterns, and it's no longer an unschooling blog (though it was just snippets and highlights of our days then, too).  

I spent a good portion of the day processing the last of the apples.  Apple crisp, applesauce (canned, both with strawberries and cinnamon), rings in the dehydrator, and I thought about how plentiful the blog recipes were for these things.  That's not my passion, though I do visit these blogs and appreciate them.  I also share the odd recipe or craft idea, but that's certainly not the purpose here.  

I think it's nice for grandparents and city-friends to see what's going on, I know my husband likes to see photos of our days while he's working, and I do cherish the virtual community that springs up when people share their lives in this way.  But, in the end, I think I blog because I like to frame my days this way.    We live our days as full of "yes" and joy as we can, and when "no" and stress come in, as they inevitably do, we muddle through as best we can until it comes back around.  And though it does take some time to blog about it all, I appreciate how it reminds me to look for those moments of ordinary beauty that infuse our days.  To celebrate those moments, to share them.  And I have a terrible memory, always have, so this is a space that I can come to to make a record, of sorts, of these days in our family that go by so fast.

Sometimes I get self-conscious and I think 'who am I to say look at me, look at my cutie kids and our wonderfully wonderful days in the country'?  But, why not?  I love reading about others' wonderfully wonderful moments.   I find it inspiring.  I don't share too much of our cruddy, crabby, stressed out  moments, but of course we have them.  I don't write 'I'm so tired and overwhelmed that I just yelled at my baby and then burst into tears', because I figure that we all have our own version of that.  We all know it happens, and we all find our own ways to work through it.  (I do love honesty in blogging and real moments shared, hard or not, but I try to focus on the positive here.)

I'm not sure that I clarified anything here, to myself or otherwise, but it's what's been on my mind.  If you blog, do you blog for a purpose?  for fun?  for the virtual community?  for record-keeping?  or are you comfortable to say that it needn't have a purpose at all?  just wondering aloud....

And because it's what I like to's a cooperative game, lunch, and a project involving modeling clay and a branch.  Thank you for reading here, and I always appreciate your comments.


  1. I love your meandering thoughts! I started my blog as a way of showing relatives and friends what we were up to. It has morphed into a way of thinking about things, working out what works for us and what doesn't and for interacting with lovely people such as yourself from all around the world. It has also turned into a record-keeping tool, self-reflection and analysis included - worth it's weight in gold! I love to read my old posts and revisit all the good, the bad and the ugly.

  2. I just like doing it - it is a creative way for me to keep track of what we have been doing in our lives, and the pc is a medium I am happiest using. I never really got very far using paper journals and diaries. I like the process of reviewing my photos of the day and seeing what thoughts and reflections emerge from that. I don't feel that I have a defining 'purpose' - just a melange of all that is me and my life.
    Hugs. xx

  3. My reasons are similar to yours. Mostly I blog as a journal of memories. I too don't blog about challenging moments although of course we have them. I love to focus on the joy. When I look back at my blog and see how my children have grown over the years, and some of the simple everyday moments I have blogged, I am so happy I did blog that moment. And I have made some very special blogging friends along the way. Sometimes I feel I have had enough of blogging but then when I look back at the older posts I am reminded why I enjoy it. I enjoy your blog very much!


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