Monday, September 26, 2011

autumnal doings

 Camille has been slowly, but steadily, shelling acorns to make acorn flour.  She uses a large stone to crack the acorns, then separates the nutmeat from the shells and skins.  It takes a lot of patience, but we plan on eventually trying to make acorn bread and Apache acorn cakes.
Sylvia had her first rehearsal for a harvest play that she is participating in with other homeschoolers.  We are new to this group of homeschoolers, but everyone has been very kind and welcoming.  Could there be a more picturesque place to practice a harvest play involving farmers and fairies?  

 Ayla enjoyed herself as well, and on the way home, only half a mile from our house, we stopped to admire the view...

I do so love the summer and every year I mourn the end of it, but this year I am gratefully inhaling long, deep, autumnal breaths and enjoying the beauty.

Though we are not all unschoolers these days, I'm joining Owlet again for .


  1. I know that barn! Please tell L & B we miss them!! They are a wonderful group, so glad you could be with them.

  2. Lovely! How lucky to have a barn to perform and practice in!


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