Tuesday, September 6, 2011

how did we get here?

Last December, I went to this winter solstice celebration in Madison just a few blocks from our house at the time.  The girls and I went with one of my long-time good friends, Ryan.  He also ran into old friends (Laura and Tom and their three kids) that he hadn't seen for a long time.  Some time later, Ryan sent me a link to Laura's blog because she also homeschools and knits and was blogging about it at the time, and I was pretty new to blogging and rather enthusiastic about it.  After enjoying a few of her posts, I saw one about the home they had built and were selling.  There were solar panels, fruit trees, organic acres, beautiful views...everything my husband and I have been dreaming/fantasizing about for more than a decade.

Well, we were not actively in the market for a new home, in the country or anywhere else.  But something about it called to me, I sent my husband this short email while he was at work:
I know this is probably totally unrealistic but check it out
These are Ry's friends that are selling their house.

It contained a link to a post about the house, a 'project home', while structurally sound and totally livable, it was (and is) largely unfinished on the inside, especially the second floor.
what it looked like then
To my surprise, he readily agreed to drive out to take a look at it (90 miles away), and we fell in love with the house, the land, the owners, and everything about it.  But, so many buts actually,...could we afford it? would the kids hate living in the country? what about work? etc.  So, we agreed to rent it for a year with the option to buy the property after that, or the option to run back to the city should we not be suited to this life.

We started driving up almost every Sunday, the Papas worked on framing the ceiling and walls upstairs, the Mamas cooked, chatted, and nursed little ones, and the kids played.  Camille even learned to ride a two-wheel bike here, for the first time, with the help of their two boys before we ever lived here.  I planted some garden plants weeks before we moved.  The process was slow, gradual, and mutual.  Laura and I marveled about how much we had in common that we had discovered through our blogs.

Then, at the end of May their family moved to live off the grid in the rain-forest, and we moved in.

Since my husband is a software developer, he is lucky enough to be able to work from home more often than not.  The girls and I still drive in to Madison once every week or two to see friends and run errands.  (Today, Sylvia, Ayla and I went to a big not-back-to-school picnic for homeschoolers, while Camille went to school, and Papa worked from home.)

So, now that we are here, and loving it, and intending to stay, how did we get here?  Maybe it was the power of intention, divine providence, serendipitous 'meant-to-be'...or maybe it was the power of blogging ;)


  1. Wow, has it been that long already? I remember reading your house post last year and showing my husband- with a comment about how I would love to live there. I'm glad you found a place you love!

  2. Wow, what an amazing oppertunity to get away from it all! I really do believe int he power of attraction, this must be what you guys needed:)


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