Wednesday, September 7, 2011

trimming dreadlocks

I'm sure dreadlock-purists would be aghast, but I occasionally cut my locks.  I chopped about 10" off  last summer, and about 7" today.  My hair grows very fast and the dreads get heavy and hot after a while.  I have found a technique that works for me, and though it isn't likely that you are itching to trim your dreads, I'll share it here anyway.
Sylvia took this photo this morning
I start by tying all of the dreadlocks up and take out one at a time, cutting roughly the same amount off of each lock to maintain the sort of layered look that naturally happens with dreads.  I use a small sharp scissors and find a natural indentation in the lock to cut into.
Holding the scissors downward, I cut around the lock in a rough V shape to keep a sort of rounded or pointy end, but trying to follow the natural contours of the dread as much as possible.  (My 4-yo, Sylvia, actually measured each dread from the end and pointed out where I should cut.  She wanted to help, but I was not about to hand the scissors over to her :)
After I'm done cutting, I rough up the end of each lock to loosen it up and trim any obviously chunky looking snips.  That's it.  

I prefer to do this when I am feeling calm and in a space that feels nice to me, but away from a mirror, so today it was in the yard.  

Nobody want their dreadlocks to look like they've been cut, so here's the best way that I've found to cut them but keep them looking natural.  After a good wash, they  will look more relaxed at the ends.

Aaah, it feels so light!


  1. i bet it feels light! you and your dreads are hot!

  2. Looks nice! Also, I hope you made a dread-hat for your kids hehe

  3. It was so nice to finally meet you in person on Tues. I LOVE your dreads. I have always wanted them but....well, you know. They look beautiful!


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