Thursday, September 1, 2011

first day of school in years

6:50 am, Camille waited for the school bus, full of excitement....

..and she's off to third grade.

 Sylvia and I played with puffy paints from this recipe.  We experimented with it very thick, and very watery, and because it was too hot to turn on the oven, we dried it in the sun.
 We played Chutes and Ladders and played together on poisson rouge, where Sylvia was able to do dot-to-dots up to 40.
 While Sylvia harvested from the garden, (one of her favorite activities) I sat under an apple tree with coffee and a book.  I spilled coffee on the cover, but luckily it wasn't from the library.  It was a book that Papa picked up for me 'cause he thought it looked like something I would like, and so far he is right :)  It's Patchwork Planet by Anne Tyler.
Sylvia picked me one of our honeycrisp apples and it was the best apple I've ever eaten.

When Ayla woke from her nap she joined us for garden goodies.  She's eating a mini sweet pepper here, but she especially likes ground cherries.
                                   *Sylvia took this picture of ground cherries in their husks
 ...and 9 (!) hours later Camille came running off of the bus.  Giddy, sparkly, spilling forth with stories and energy.  She made friends on the bus, in her classroom (of 12 students), at recess, and art class.

She pretty much loved every minute of it.
Sylvia made up more puffy paint, this time a perfect consistency.

And since it's wilting-ly hot out, we are all very lazing around now.  Camille cannot wait 'til tomorrow, and I?... I think as long as Camille loves school, I'm going to use this time to focus on enjoying/playing with Sylvia and Ayla (and maybe sneaking in a little more time to sit under an apple tree with a book).


  1. awwe :-) what a nice place to wait for a bus. she looks so very happy.

  2. Oh, Nikole, I was wondering how this day would go, just hoping it would be filled with those exact sweet smiles, and all that lovely contentment flowing out. I am so happy for you guys. I can't get over Camille's courage and awesomeness getting on that bus. How fantastic that she had such a great day. How lovely your day was, not spent 'waiting' but doing and living and even reading under an apple tree! I can't think of a better first day. Beautiful.


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