Saturday, October 22, 2011

International Crane Foundation

We visited and toured the International Crane Foundation with our homeschool group.
Upon arrival, Ayla and I were fascinated with these gates and the shadows that they cast on the wall behind them.  The metal gates are the thinner lines and the shadows are the thicker lines in these photos.
Grey Crowned Crane

The guide talked about the efforts to protect whooping cranes and other endangered species, and about the importance of wetlands.

Sylvia and I both agreed that our favorite part of the day was watching these playful whooping cranes up close.  No tall fences between us and them, just water too deep for them to wade in.

Whooping cranes are one of the rarest, most ancient birds in the world.  They mate for life, and are about 5 ft. tall.  It's easy to see why cranes are revered in so many different cultures as a symbol of love and peace.

We read The Crane:  Wildlife Habits and Habitat before our visit and are now reading Jane on a Crane. 

(From the book jacket:  Imagine being raised by an ancient, magical crane.  Feel the wind in your face as you swoop into an enchanted valley.  Meet the mysterious Outlaw Queen and a wise, young ruler of the Dragon Kingdom.  Explore natural wonders and learn about the last of the exotic Himalayan Mountain cultures on the brink of change.)  

The vocabulary may be a bit over Sylvia's head, but she is loving the story so far.  And of course, she is all-day pretending that she is a Mama Crane and Ayla is her Crane Chick :)  She has so much exuberance, that girl.

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