Wednesday, July 27, 2011

down time

After a weekend-long celebration and three days in a row of hot weather and swimming, we postponed our plans (blueberry picking) and stayed home today.  We needed it, especially after a spontaneous adventure yesterday to a new state park to check out the beach at Castle Rock Lake. Somehow I neglected to put sunscreen on myself.  
I love days of grand adventures (minus the sunburn), but the need for downtime is equally important.  Time to process, recover, follow a moment's whim, and create.  We were feeling artsy.  There was T-shirt decorating (Camille)

sticker and beeswax crayon creations (Sylvia)

painting rock pets (Camille)

photography (Sylvia)

and I put the finishing touches on a knitting pattern that I've been writing up for a pint-size mason jar cozy (with three variations even!).  After I finish photographing all three cozies, I'll share the pattern here.  (Here's a peek of the first one for now :)
 Tomorrow may be lively and sparkly, and full of outdoorsy-goodness, but for today, I am loving the little moments that make up a mellow relaxing day.

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  1. Sunburn...owie! Try vinegar to take the sting away.

    Looks like you all are having a lot of crafty fun!! Can't wait for the pattern. :)


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