Friday, July 29, 2011

hemp jar cozy knitting pattern (for a pint~16 oz mason jar)

I like to use glass canning jars to carry water (or coffee, tea, etc) when we are on the go.  I decided to knit up a jar cozy in hemp twine for the pint size mason jars that my kids like to drink out of.  I also wanted it to have a  strap or handle for easy carrying.  I ended up making up a pattern (with 3 variations) and I thought I would share it here in case anyone else is interested.  This is my first written pattern so if you give it a try, please let me know how it works out, or feel free to ask questions if anything is unclear.
(These also fit peanut butter jars nicely.)

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All abbreviations are standard.

Variation 1 uses hemp twine on size 5 (US) needles and includes a strap that buttons onto a 1/2" or 3/4" button.

Variation 2 is exactly the same as 1, except knit with DK weight wool yarn (I expect fingering or sock yarn would also work and have a lacier appearance) on size 9 (US) needles and omitting the strap.

Variation 3 is the simplest and is knit with worsted weight wool yarn on size 7 (US) needles.  This variation leaves out the decorative pattern with straight knitting from round 12 up to the decrease round where the jar slightly narrows at the top (quick, easy to knit, and uses up odd scraps of yarn perfectly).

To begin, cast on 8 stitches, join in the round using circular needles and the 'magic loop' method or double-pointed needles.
round 1:  *k1, kfb*, repeat from * to * 3 more times (12 st)
round 2 (and all even rounds):  knit
round 3:  *k2, kfb*, repeat 3 times (16 st)
round 5:  *k3, kfb*, repeat 3 times (20 st)
round 7:  *k4, kfb*, repeat 3 times (24 st)
round 9:  *k5, kfb*, repeat 3 times (28 st)
round 11:  purl
round 12-14:  knit
rounds 15-20:  follow decorative pattern below (unless following variation 3)
rounds 21+:  Knit until your cozy measures 2 1/12"  past the purl row (this was 9 rows of straight knitting for me with both the hemp twine and the DK weight yarn).
Repeat decorative pattern.
Knit 2 more rounds, followed by a decrease round.
decrease round:  *knit 5, k2tog*, repeat 3 times
Then purl one round before binding off.
Bind off VERY loosely (this is important or you won't be able to stretch it over the bottom of the jar).
~if adding a strap (as in variation 1) only bind off 22 stitches and follow directions for strap
Weave in ends.

decorative pattern:
round 1:  *k6, p1*, repeat 3 more times
round 2:  p1, *yo, ssk, k2tog, yo, p3*, repeat from * to * 3 more times but ending with p2
round 3:  p2, *k2, p5*, repeat from * to * 3 times but ending with p3
round 4:  *p6, k1*, repeat 3 times
round 5:  *k2tog, yo, p3, yo, ssk*, repeat 3 times
round 6:  k3, *p1, k6*, repeat from * to * 3 times but ending with p3

for the strap:
After binding off 22 stitches, knit to the end of the bind off row. You should have 6 stitches on your needle.  Knit 5 stitches and slip the last stitch (knit-wise) with yarn in front.  Repeat this until desired length and finish up with a buttonhole.
buttonhole row:  k1, k2tog, yo, k2, slip last stitch with yarn in front
Knit 2 more rows with slipping the last stitch and then bind off.
Sew button onto the main body of the cozy across from the strap.


  1. These turned out great! I don't knit, but my daughter does, this might be a fun summer project for her to try, I love the way they look!

  2. These are so cool! Bookmarking them for a future project. Thanks for posting. :)

  3. nice! i've had that on my list to do ... i was thinking of crochet and using 100% cotton kitchen twine. just don't know if the cotton would stretch too much. how is the yarn when it is heavy/full?

  4. @ Denise The hemp twine doesn't slip at all on the jar when you are drinking out of it. The wool does a little, but it still holds up well. I think if you started with a nice tight fit, crochet might even stretch less than knit. Good luck!

  5. Thanks for sharing. I was looking for a pattern or some direction on making a mason jar cozy. I have a half gallon jar and was thinking about making a cozy for this. I want to carry it for iced tea, snacks or even baked apple pie (crustless) to pour out into small bowls at the park. The cozy will help keep my old jars from breaking and also help keep the food at the right temp. I also posted a link on my blog to your site. Thanks!


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