Friday, July 1, 2011

making the best of a very hot day

The temperature got up to 99 F here today, with extreme humidity.  Our ground floor is built halfway into a hill, so it stayed relatively cool-ish in the morning.  I made garlic scape pesto for the first time and froze a good portion of it.  Delicious.
scapes, parmigiano-reggiano, lemon juice, olive oil, pumpkin seeds, and salt (this is about a 1/4 portion of my ingredients)

 We need to keep the chicks warmer than 90 F for this first week, but that's when the rest of us start getting pretty cranky.  By the afternoon we needed to escape the heat and found a cute little cafe (air-conditioned) for lunch.

We shared  creamy carrot-potato soup, and tomato, spinach, and mushroom tortellini in roasted garlic sauce 

Then to Devil's Lake state park for several hours of swimming and beach play.

photo by Camille

The girls thought that this sign was pretty funny, and since we have plenty of "healthy junk" at home...
While we were so close, we decided to cross the Wisconsin River on the Merrimac Ferry.  The girls thought it was very novel driving our car onto a boat...

 so we turned around and did it again :)
This fine day ended up feeling like a celebration of summer's heat.
Sure beats laying around in our panties all day watching shows on Netflix, which is what the girls tried to insist on :)


  1. Nikole, you are so utterly a woman after my own heart. I love, LOVE, that you got on the ferry just Because, then turned around and did it again. I smiled out loud on that one. :)

    Your day looked scrumptious. I love the lake swimming, the happy faces, the food, the Together Bliss you are radiating out in all sorts of colours. YUM.

    (And can you tell me please what scape is (or what scapes are)? Because I'd love to make that pesto!)

  2. Helena,
    Garlic scapes are the curly top of a garlic plant. They are picked off to encourage bulb growth, and are very yummy with a milder flavor than the bulbs.

    (and thanks for another lovely comment. I love that you smiled out loud :)

  3. Great way to spend a hot day:)
    Love the 'healthy junk' sign!
    Your blog is so full of warmth, fun and energy, so lovely to visit :)
    Gina xxx


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