Saturday, July 30, 2011

finding balance, seeking joy

Today was our long-awaited, first time ever picking blueberries.  The blueberry farm was gorgeous, nestled in the hills.  The blueberries were delectable, sun-warmed and juicy.  It was also very hot and Sylvia got stung on the wrist by a bee.  Camille felt light-headed and the bushes were a bit picked over.  So we quit early and bought some comb honey to indulge in since we had only picked about $3 worth of blueberries (that actually made it into the buckets).  

One of the serious blueberry pickers called me a brave woman for bringing out my three girls, and I told him that if I follow their lead, it all works out, and it did in its own way.  Everyone ate their fill straight off of the bushes.

Later at home, we planted 15 golden raspberry canes, and we have been feasting on watermelon, peaches, and all manner of garden / CSA veggies.  Summer abundance is upon us.  So what did we have for dinner? Pizza, at a restaurant...with air-conditioning.  We are not purists, but joy-seekers.

all done planting
Now at the end of the day, there is (8yo) chattering, giggling, TV-watching, (4 yo) Papa-snuggling, (1 yo) milky-breath, nursing to sleep in Mama's arms while she blogs :)  Life is good...sometimes sweaty, bee-stung, and tired, but full-of-goodness nonetheless.

...and after each falling asleep in a parent's arms, there is this...


  1. Awww. I LOVE this post! I love your comment, "We are not purists, but joy-seekers." That sang home to me, Nikole! I do love your life there, and wish we could just drop in any time. Blueberry filled and milk-drunk, how wonderful. Even bee stung your days sound magic. Thank you so much for sharing them here!

  2. What a fantastic day, nothing beats berries eaten straight from the bush - joy seekers indeed! I am finding so much inspiration here, thank you for sharing :)
    Gina xxx

  3. What a beautiful day, from beginning to end (minus the bee sting). Such joy can be found everywhere...even in an air conditioned pizza joint. Gotta love this beautiful life!

  4. The peeks of your views are so beautiful. Just rolling hills, trees, fields. Gorgeous! :)


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