Monday, July 18, 2011

They're back

A whole week without my oldest two girls and I managed to accomplish a fair amount.  Besides caring for Ayla, Potter, the chicks, and the two dogs,
I painted my living room and dining room in bright colors inspired by the wildflowers that grow in our yard.
I made the best pie my husband and I have ever eaten from the sour cherries off of our tree.
 (not the prettiest, mind you, but the tastiest)

 Ayla 'helped' me wash the dishes, since a little one who is cutting two molars must be involved in everything to keep her happy.

And I made up my own knitting pattern ~ a cozy for a pint (16 oz) mason jar.  Perfect for hot coffee.

And with all the concern about BPA in plastic bottles, and in the coated aluminum ones, I prefer to use glass jars to carry drinking water, so I decided to also knit up some hemp jar cozies to protect the glass, and maybe I'll add a strap for carrying.  If anyone else is interested, I'll put up the knitting pattern that I came up with after I work out the kinks.

I got to play in the garden,
purple tomatillos

lemon cucumbers


cherry tomatoes
 And then my girls came home from their week-long grandparent adventure happy, full of energy, and looking like twins!


  1. You did quite well at keeping yourself busy while your girls were away! I am seriously impressed! I love your knitting idea and would LOVE if you posted the pattern.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog! :)

  2. That's awesome Nikole!! I love the colors!!! Great job on everything. I would love the knitting pattern as well. Thanks :) ~ Laura Raye

  3. I drink out of jars, too. :)
    Large mouth mason jars (the biggest ones) and then spaghetti sauce jars are my other favorite.
    And Congratulations on surviving without babies!!


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