Thursday, July 14, 2011

missing my girls

When I was little, I spent a week each summer with my grandparents at their house on the lake.  I have fond memories of those weeks, so when my parents wanted to do the same thing, I left it up to each child to decide when and if they felt comfortable doing this.  They each jumped at the chance around the age of 4.  Camille, because she's an independent adventurer-type and Sylvia, because her big sister was doing it.  It has become a tradition with each set of grandparents.  So, for this week, I only have one little cutie around, (and one big cutie, we celebrated our 13th anniversary this week). 
 While Camille and Sylvia are enjoying a week of camping and Marketfest and church picnics, Ayla and I have been visiting friends, and scrubbing and painting the walls...
                                           (that's a dry brush)

enjoying summer abundance (I think Ayla has eaten her weight in wild black raspberries and sour cherries)...

...and baking together.
While Ayla was 'helping' me make a sour cherry coffeecake, she got a hold of some arrowroot powder.  Let's just say, 'head-to-toe', but the coffecake was delicious.

I know Camille and Sylvia are having fun and being well taken care of, but I miss them.  I know I'm supposed to love having a break from my kids, but it seems awfully quiet around here (despite Ayla cutting two molars), and I kinda can't wait until they're home again.


  1. A week! Wow! How wonderful they have family you trust and they love and can visit. I bet the house does seem SO quiet - I haven't ever been away from my boys more than a few hours for their entire life. I would wander aimlessly around my house if they were suddenly gone, I'm sure of it! :)

  2. Hey baby girl, they're missing all of you too, but hopefully having fun, and now we are on to the next thing...haircuts. Yesterday after slapping up the camper, and leaving the campgrounds, we went for a paddleboat ride down the Mississippi. Your house looks great, very vibrant and colorful. You and Ayla are doing a great job, can't wait to see it in person. mamacita

  3. Nikole, it must seem so strange to not have them there! But yes, they must be having so much fun—my kids just had their first sleepover in Sydney with their Nana and her partner and they were over the moon afterwards (tho' a bit tired—too excited to sleep!). I can only imagine what a week of total grandparent pampering must be like—now I want to go back in time and have another precious sleepover with mine :)

    You've been keeping busy though, it looks like! I LOVE the colours of your walls! Love the footprints in the flour. And want, very much, to come and have some of that cake before it's gone.


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