Thursday, July 7, 2011

picking cherries

I couldn't resist a photo shoot when I saw these fancy-dressed girls picking from our cherry tree.  And since the cherries are s o u r, we had to put them to good use.  I started out to make preserves, but ended up with more of a simple cherry-ginger compote by cooking down cherries, sliced ginger, and organic cane sugar.  I did preserve one jar with a low-sugar pectin, but the rest was promptly eaten by the cherry-pickers :)  I love seasonal bounty.


  1. Sweet (or should I say sour?!)!! I love making sour cherry compote and pie filling for the winter. So yummy. And the poofy dresses? Over the top cute (can you tell I have boys?).

  2. Thanks Denise and F.T. That green dress used to be mine when I was yea big. My mom saved a lot of my special clothes from when I was little. Good thing I have girls :)

  3. I was planning on leaving mine for another week, and then noticed that some of them (the tree is a youngling) had already been eaten by the birds! Gasp! They got all of them last year, so I snatched the whole ones for myself. :)

  4. So precious. My oldest can often be found out in her nice dresses digging for worms.


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