Sunday, August 21, 2011

city days / country days

This week we drove into the city three times for various errands, playdates, park days, and birthday parties.  Each day packed in 8+ hours of doings, but with plenty of food, fun, and friends we all managed to enjoy ourselves.  Today, I'm trying to move as little as possible and regain my sanity um, energy.
  trying out stilts at park day

  selling kid-made art instead of lemonade at a stand in friends' neighborhood

 children's museum

 picking up Papa from work with a "surprise" car party on his birthday, complete with balloons, streamers, and cupcakes

 and a birthday party with bounce-house fun that continued past dark with glow sticks.

 Our country days were full too, but with a much different flavor.
 making and decorating 'elf houses'

 having a picnic in the yard and a snuggle in Mama's wrap dress
*photo by Sylvia
finding funny faces and other food art

 more country bike rides and picking apples from our trees
 and trying to stay cool at the state park swimming beach
In our lives we sometimes find balance through alternating extremes rather than a more static right-in-the-middle type of balance.  I kind of like it that way.


  1. What a lot of wonderful Busy-ness! I 'specially loved the car birthday party, and the street art sale. Your week looks like so much fun. Joy all the way through! :)

    I know what you mean about alternating extremes. We have weeks where we feel literally run off our feet—but in the Best Possible Way. Most things we do, we choose to do, so the busy-ness doesn't necessarily feel like a chore. And then…well, it's nice to sit, and read for days, with just a dog walk, a stroll on the beach in between. Yes, to balance of all kinds!

  2. Busy! That is a lot of driving into town - you have a LOT more energy than me! And with 3 girls! ;)

  3. Denise,
    Even a few months ago this kind of activity would have resulted in serious meltdowns, so it was a bit iffy, but the girls held up amazingly which does wonders for My Energy Level :)


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