Friday, August 26, 2011


   We hiked through the jungle that is the corner of our yard to get to the elderberries.  And Sylvia happily picked me one slightly unripe apple after another.  So, I made some honey-sweetened elderberry-apple sauce.  Only Ayla and I liked it as it was pretty tart, and possibly a little scorched.  Ooops.

  And there was a living-room dance party.  Mama put on a silk dress too :)

 And more ground cherry pickin'.  Ayla, too.

  And Sylvia opted for Just Dance Kids on the Wiiiiiiiiiii while Camille took her puppy an a mile-long walk.

  Then there was this not-uncommon site in our house.  Two happy sisters playing on the 'puter.  Club Penguin and Girls Go Games for Camille, and Nick Jr and PBS Kids for Sylvia.

 There were household chores, some shared, some done by Mama, some done by girls willingly.
 We watched the organic farmer that shares our land prepare the oats and alfalfa for baling.

Camille cooked a simple dinner. Mama and Papa watched Project Runway.  The girls watched Arthur.  Sylvia is now doing the dishes because she loves to play with soap and water ( I won't show you a picture because she is wearing absolutely nothin' but rainbow legwarmers ;-) .  Ayla is nursing to sleep as I type one-handed. We don't have (arbitrary) limits on 'screen time' or enforced chores.  Life is good.


  1. love the 1st pic with camille (i think that's your oldest) looking through the leaves. so pretty.

  2. Rainbow leg warmers are a fashion *MUST* for dish washing. Surely Timm Gunn would agree! Love to keep reading your days, thanks for writing.

  3. Jen, that totally made me laugh. I had a weird dream that I checked my blog comments and 400 people were telling me that I was a terrible mom for not enforcing chores and limiting computer/TV. So fun to read the Actual comments :)

  4. Love all the dancin'. ;) We haven't been able to wander to find elderberries this year...I miss them so!

    We don't have limits on technology or enforced chores. Although I have been telling my husband I might set a timer for his iPhone time. ;P (Doesn't it seem ridiculous? People talk about limiting kids use, but can you imagine setting a timer for your spouse...only 2 more minutes on that computer mister!) Bwahhhahhah!

  5. Oh, this is all so great, Nikole. I so love your days. They are dreamy and delicious.

    I 'specially love the dancing. And you got into a silk dress too! That would have been magic to see.

    The only things I like to do arbitrarily are picnics, bike rides, and other assorted whimsical adventures (like dancing in the living room!). :) I try to turn any "Have To Dos" into "This is Why I want you/me to Dos." Chores and work have got to make sense, for me to do them, or ask anyone else to do them. If I ask the kids to do something, I explain why. They know they can tell me if they don't want to do it, and that I'll listen.

    These days, there are so many things the kids either think of doing themselves to help out, or they do without a second's hesitation when I ask. It's a two way street, really, because they know I'll do the same for them. It feels very organic and respectful, and just right.

    Funny about your dream! The opposite of reality. You are such a wonderful Mom, Nikole. :)


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