Friday, August 12, 2011

dessert and a ramble

After going to a local Farm Market store, I came home with a 2 lb. roll of Amish butter, a half-gallon of organic cream (for $2!), 10 lbs. of apricots, organic local sweet corn, and other goodies.  When I decided to bake something to use up some of these ingredients, I came across this recipe for apricot honey almond tart.  An interesting side note:  The cream that we bought may have come from cows fed from the land that we live on.  Nine acres of this land are leased to an organic dairy farmer (he is currently growing alfalfa and oats here) to grow feed for his cattle.  He is a producer for Organic Valley, which is the brand of cream that we bought.  Cool, huh?

 I had a very enthusiastic helper.  Ayla sampled the apricots, the butter, the flour, the cream.

 She broke up the discarded eggshell just for fun.  Another side note:  The eggs come from a farm down the road called Fat and Happy Farm.  I've seen Peggy's chickens, horses, and dogs.  I've heard about her rabbits and the bird she is nursing back to health, so I can attest that her animals are happy and healthy and as such, I don't care if my baby plays with the eggshells.  Even a one-year-old doesn't think they look like something to eat.

 I think a lot of people who practice attachment parenting wonder what to do after their babies outgrow the happy-to-nurse-and-be-in-a-sling-all-day phase.  I've always just tried to include them in whatever I'm doing.  Yes, they'll get messy, but a quick clothes change, wash their hands, face, and clean the butter off of their toes, and all is well.
And the tart came out beautifully.  I hand-whipped a large bowl of cream to go along with it and felt a bit like an old-fashioned farm wife, now all I need is my own dairy cow :)  That's actually part of the 5-year (or so) plan, along with hmmm, sheep or goats perhaps.  We have a lot of work to finish our living space before we attempt to build a barn.  And lots to learn; putting up walls, laying down flooring, electrical, plumbing, etc.  But with each step comes more confidence, more experience to build on to smooth the way for the next task.

Wow, I started to blog about my yummy, lightly sweet dessert, but I ended up on a ramble about food sources, attachment parenting, and my five-year (or so) plan.  It really is all connected somehow, no?


  1. Absolutely it's connected, Nikole! All of it—lovely energy ribboning in and out, in so many bright colours. I loved this. Love your 5 year plan and this minute plan and I love to think of you writing about it ALL! And that tart looks absolutely scrumptious—almost as sweet as Ayla up there on the table :)

  2. That tart looks scrumptious! And that's so cool about the cows and the cream.


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