Saturday, August 6, 2011

summertime and world breastfeeding week

 On these hot-hot summer days, we seek the water to stay cool and have fun as a family.

 And in honor of world breastfeeding week, I will proudly declare that I am unashamed to nurse in public anywhere, anytime my baby is hungry, thirsty, tired, cranky, or just wanting the comfort.  I overheard one of Camille's new-found friends asking her in a loud whisper, "Why is your mom nursing in public?"  Curious about Camille's reply, I listened intently, "Oh, she's totally fine with it."  No more said, and I had to smile to myself.

 These kind of days make me very glad that we don't have air-conditioning.  I want to soak up the summer while it is still here.

*the last 6 photos were taken by Papa

While hanging out the laundry later on this sunny day, I got caught up in listening to the bees hum, the crickets chirp, the airy trilling of the birds, and I found myself chasing butterflies...

enjoying this view up the hill :)  Gotta love a man who will build you a mighty fine chicken coop...
 admiring the wild daisies at my feet
 from all angles...
 and sniffing at the ripening apples.
Oh my, is apple season around the corner already?

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  1. Beautiful photos...especially the ones of you nursing in public. :)


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